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Penis extender is a simple and effective Penis Enlargement treatment. Androextender is a clinically prescribed traction tool for penis enlargement and male enhancement. It is FDA approved. A lot of patients around the world have actually used it with wonderful success.

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Safe and Permanent results

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How Androextender works

Androextender® is a penis augmentation medical tool which might likewise reduce penile curvature as well as the danger of retraction after penile surgical procedure.
Might be able to boost the penis size approximately 4cm (1.6″) in upright and also drooping state and a girth boost of as much as 1,5 cm (0.6″).

Why Androextender?


Increase Penis Length +4 cm (1.6″)* In both flaccidity and erection (BJUI)


Increase Penis Girth +1,5 cm (0.4″)*(JSM=PDF)


Androextender provides durable results and improves sexual function (BJUI)

*Results will vary with each individual

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Androextender penis extender
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What is Androextender®?

Androextender device

The device is fixed onto the penis easily and it can be used while walking, sitting etc. This clinical tool will certainly assist the individual accomplish up to 4 cm length (1.6 inches) in size and approximately 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) in girth in a few months. The grip pressure used by the gadget stimulates the development of the penis shaft cells.

From €99 / $99 / 85£ / 149 AU$-CA$


No risky surgery


No useless pills or creams


No cheap devices of poor quality

Androextender is clinically tested

dr gotero for penis extender

British Journal of Urology

“CONCLUSIONS: Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft”

Dr. Gontero, Urologist, University of Piamonte, Italy


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Will the enhancement procedure negatively influence my capability to get an erection?
No, actually some individuals feel their erections obtain stronger due to the boosted cell task as well as blood circulation from the treatment.

Is penile grip therapy with ANDROEXTENDER agonizing?
No. ANDROMEDICAL  makers the most adjustable and comfy penis extender possible. If you experience any discomfort you can always change your gadget stress or arrangement after a short break.

Can the ANDRO Extender be worn at the office and also while you rest?
If you typically sleep on your back or side you should have no problem using the tool while sleeping. However as a result of the reality the ordinary male experiences erection throughout sleep, it is not suggested.

Will the girth decrease, stay the very same or raise?
Due to the general tissue development, the girth enhances in addition to the size.

Can the A-E be worn below apparel without being seen in public or at job?
Yes, if you clothing are loose enough, the ANDROExtender can be used anytime you are not executing any kind of type of strenuous task.

Can the treatment take place for as lengthy as I want, and will I keep obtaining results?
The penis enlargement procedure will proceed as the therapy continues. Nevertheless you will eventually reach a threshold where it will no longer remain to elongate. Studies show results are permanent.

Does making use of the ANDROExtender  require medical experience or the assistance of a Doctor? No, the ANDROPENIS Extender includes an easy-to-use user’s manual. It does not need clinical consultation, nevertheless many physicians around the world suggest penile grip treatment to their individuals as a non-surgical option for dealing with micro-penis and also curvature.
Does the ANDROPENIS Extender call for a minimum length or density of the penis?
All ANDROPENIS tools are made to fit any kind of size as low as 1 inch with the aAndropenis Mini Support. With the Wide Girth Base, all andropenis devices can fit any girth up to 6 inches!

Are there any type of unfavorable side results?
No there are no unfavorable side effects to penis enlargement or aligning with this device. It does not influence erection high quality, capacity to pee or fertility in any adverse fashion.

What takes place in situation of an erection while the penis stretcher Labs Penis Extender is put on?
If you experience an erection while wearing the gadget, you may require to readjust the arrangement after your erection in order to proceed.

Do I need to adhere to a set therapy pattern?
No, you can use the ANDROPENIS Extender as you please. The results depend only on the total quantity of hours used, the amount of grip applied, as well as the individual’s diet regimen.

Does the ANDROPEYRONIE Extender aid in situation of a rounded penis?
Yes! The ANDROPEYRONIE Extender has actually confirmed reliable in aligning the penis and also helping penile curvature as well as those that experience Peyronie’s Disease..

Are ANDROPENIS Extender gadgets backed by any type of kind of producers guarantee?
Yes, like the majority of premium quality items, all ANDROMEDICAL Extenders are backed by a suppliers service warranty. This guarantees that the device you are getting is the finest quality possible. Ought to you experience any concerns with any thing in your package within the period of the warranty, merely call us, as well as we will certainly send you a substitute.


The data factors that were tossed out:.

Any type of data that revealed a size decline of over 1 inches. Any type of data that revealed a girth reduction of over 1 inches. Any data that revealed a length boost of over 4 inches, as this more than likely a not true outlier. Any kind of data that showed a girth boost of over 3 inches, as this probably a not true outlier.

Why toss these out?
The basic truth is that these sort of gains from natural penis enhancement are totally impossible. Given that we understand that this is a truth, we can be positive not to trust this information. Think of it this way: If these results were actual– others would certainly also experience them and also penis enlargement would certainly be totally mainstream. Nevertheless it’s not. The generally accepted outcomes for size are.7 inches in 16 weeks, but you do not hear much regarding this. That’s why we’re going to provide these results to show that claim and also have the several males that have actually experienced it to back it up. Common girth and length gains experienced by the general population.

Top Extender of 2019: ANDRO-Extender
The clinical group at HDI Online forum will certainly have to award the best penis extender of 2019 to the PhalloGauge extender.

It just weights 4 oz. as well as exceptionally small (this is an advantage).

Yet even if it’s little doesn’t suggest that it’s doing not have whatsoever.

Varying levels of traction pressure as applied by just transforming the size of the flexible belt with a velcro band.

The ANDROPMEDICAL penis extender should be worn for 6-8 hrs daily for the very best length results.

Despite the numerous extenders that feed on the on-line market, the reason why the ANDROMEDICAL penis extender is dominating market share is because of its major affordability (cost) over its competitors.

Actually, ANDROMedical, the business behind the androextender, is so dedicated to the industry, that they also made a definitive, master overview on exactly how to raise penis dimension with penis extenders– covering literally every technique– from items, tools, surgical treatment, as well as even changes to your diet regimen.

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ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, ISO 13485:2012 Medical Devices Certified, ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility, and has EU Health License and FDA Health License. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.

Medical information provided by the laboratory Andromedical. Medically reviewed by Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego. Scientifically reviewed by our Medical Advisory board. Updated on February 17, 2019.

2019 Penis extender ANDROPENIS

Numerous guys worldwide are concerned concerning the size and efficiency of their sex-related equipment– so it stands to factor that scientific research now applies more time, resources as well as medical brainpower to this area than in the past. Researchers have been studying and reviewing methods for many years. Now, you can take advantage of the very latest in sex-related improvement innovations: ANDROPENIS ®
. Finest yet, ANDROPENIS ® is currently ultimately available to you over the counter or doctor’s workplace go to!
Throughout history, people have actually found means of elongating and also enlarging certain body components to improve their beauty or standing. Different tribal peoples used a method called grip to gradually transform their bodies: expand the lips and also earlobes, increase the nose and also its openings, as well as also extend the neck, the fingers and the penis.
What they uncovered, without recognizing why it worked, is that the gradually used stimulation of grip, or extending, really motivates development and also expansion of tissue cells. The growth or adjustment is permanent.

Throughout history, individuals have found ways of lengthening and enlarging certain body components to boost their beauty or standing. Numerous tribal individuals used an approach called grip to slowly change their bodies: expand the lips and earlobes, expand the nose and its openings, and also extend the neck, the fingers and also the penis.
Physicians in Europe sought ways to make this procedure more sophisticated and accurate to be utilized specifically for the enhancement of the penis. They recognized it was feasible to develop brand-new cells permanently– and also they intended to develop a gadget that would certainly do this securely and also properly to increase penis length and also girth. They additionally saw the worth of the gadget in treating penile problems like Peyronie’s condition, or curvature of the penis.
Earlier methods mostly entailing weights or more primitive processes did offer the capacity for brand-new cells development, but however the results were unforeseeable at finest.
ANDROPENIS ® was produced to provide exactly the correct amount of traction, progressively boosting gradually in a controlled, precise as well as simple device.

ANDROPENIS ® was thoroughly examined, and also was the topic of a detailed research study presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Plastic Surgery, in 1998, at Barcelona, Spain, from a research called Tractive Elongation of the Penis using Extending.